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Rent to Rent


What is rent to rent?

Rent-to-rent is when you rent out a property from a landlord and rent out the property yourself. You as the tenant will rarely live at the property, and will be free to sub-let its rooms as you see fit. Depending on the type of property and the agreements made, sometimes the arrangement involves a small amount of refurbish work, converting offices/lounges etc into extra bedrooms. Sometimes you can ask for financial help from the property owner in order to make these adjustments.

You can then rent out that property to multiple occupants or list it as a short term let and we can help maximize your return on this property. We manage your property to the highest of standards. Have a look at what some of our clients say below.

Furniture Packs

When looking at a new rent to rent opportunity we know that one thing you need to get right is the appearance and feel of the property. This is even more important in the short term letting market as you will need to appeal to multiple guests on a monthly basis. Our furniture packs are highly recommended we take into consideration the smallest of details so you know that your property is ready for your guests.

Interior Design

We employ a team of interior designers who specifically work on serviced accommodation and know the standards we strive to achieve. In order to maximise your investment the property needs to be to decorated to a high standard. Clean and well maintained property will help you achieve higher occupancy levels and the right guests.

How we can help

Property Appraisal

When looking for a rent to rent property we understand there is an element of risk in taking that leap into the property market. This is more so when you may not of had much experience in short term letting. this is where we can help we provide no nonsense property appraisals we will let you know based on our fantastic experience weather you are investing in the right area. We can help you make the right decision and not waste any of your investment.

  • These reports will help you understand the potential profitability of a property
  • Save you time travelling around the country viewing properties
  • Accelerate your goals to securing more profitable properties
  • Give you honest opinions based on our expertise in the Serviced Accommodation Market
  • Help you manage your time and focus on the right deals
  • Help make the right property decisions towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM


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