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Desol Properties is now offering a Serviced Accommodation Property Appraisal. To help you understand the potential profitability of a property, ensuring you can build an income generating portfolio.  Each report is reviewed by one of the directors with their personal opinion on the opportunity and signed off as fit for issue.  This will help clients make an informed decision about the opportunity in front of them and is for information purposes only.

Reports include:

  • Overview of the area
  • Competitor analysis
  • Expected occupancy rates and nightly rates
  • 12-month income forecast that takes into account utilities, management and cleaning costs.
  • Estimated start-up costs
  • Overview summary from one of the directors.

Additional benefits to using this service include:

  • Save you time travelling around the country viewing properties
  • Accelerate your goals to securing more profitable properties
  • Help you manage your time and focus on the right deals
  • Help make the right property decisions towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM
  • Desol Properties operate across 24 cities in the UK, have a fantastic understanding of the Nigeria Serviced Accommodation market
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