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Our Mentorship includes:

We will show you “Why the luxury SA Model”, real life examples too. We will show the gold mine areas and what to look for. We will also speak about how to truly analyse a deal, which is crucial for the deal packaging world. We will give you top tips of how to secure deals and speak to agents. 

You will also get full access to our power team in each city if we are in them and an exclusive WhatsApp group and given an exclusive mentorship booklet.

Documents include 

Deal analyser template

Full property checklist template 

Follow up email example

You will also have direct contact with Desol Properties. There are regular follow up calls throughout. 

We will then show you how to optimise and rank listings to get them on page 1 of Airbnb. 

There is also an option to use our management at the end if you are looking to scale quickly and successfully

What does this fantastic mentorship cost?

Our mentorship is only ₦40,000. Which is split into 3 performance based payments.

The first installment to secure your place is ₦20,000

The second performance related payment of ₦10,000 is ONLY due within 7 days of securing your first unit

The final payment of ₦10,000  is made after 90 days of your unit being live and generating income!

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