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As a host, you will want every space of your property to look its best and for potential guests the appearance of your property is the number one attraction. At Desol Properties we understand how important a property’s aesthetic is in order to maximise yield, which is why we offer Interior Design as part of our services package. Our design team has over 10 years’ experience in transforming spaces and they are committed to creating something truly spectacular that will attract guests time and time again.

If you are interested in seeing how our design team works to transform spaces, below we have a range of projects with results which speak for themselves.

Modern Interior Design For Your Property

We believe in offering hosts a completely hands-off approach with our management services which is why we hand select, install and arrange every piece of furniture and décor for your space, presenting you with an amazing end result. Our team analyses your space to understand which compositions would work best, which furniture would be complimentary to the space and what colours would tie everything together to create the best living space.

Sometimes all a room needs is the right décor to add a splash of colour; a bathroom for instance can be improved simply by hand soaps and fresh towels for your guest. A simple and economical addition immediately creates a more inviting space that provides a hotel stay experience in a homely environment. Our team is able to work with both indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing what we feel are the strengths of your space to create a marketable property to suit your budget.

Desol Properties design team have also teamed up with a nationwide contemporary furniture supplier to cater to all your serviced accommodation needs. Your property may be a blank canvas, waiting to be furnished which is why we can supply you with a range of furniture packs, from beds to sofas, coffee tables to statement armchairs, whatever would enhance your space we can supply.

Each piece of furniture will be positioned to optimise the marketability of your space for our professional photographer team. Both our design and photography teams work closely to ensure that each room is presented in the best possible light.

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